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In WS2018/19, the seminar takes place in our Seminarraum Informatik 2/3 (Cook/Karp) starting at 1 pm s.t.
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  • Ph.D. Veronica Garcia Vazquez is teaching the course Journal Club | Master Seminar / CS5840.
  • Keeping up with the latest research is important for scientists so let's start with this journal club where we will meet to discuss some scientific papers regarding tracking systems, augmented reality, intraoperative imaging, 3D printing and image processing. We will learn how to read scientific papers, not forgetting their critical evaluation. 
  • Keep in mind that learning about the selected topic is not the key point of this course, rather, critical reading of research papers.
  • See Course details when clicking this course for further information.

  • If you are interested in the Journal Club, send an e-mail to Ph.D. Veronica Garcia Vazquez with the following data: name, student ID, degree programme (Deadline: 5th April).

  • 4 ECTS

Contact details:   Ph.D. Veronica Garcia Vazquez

                            Institute for Robotics and Cognitive Systems. Building 64, ground floor, room 89

                            +49 451 3101 5221


Ort & Zeit

Vorlesung: Dienstags, 10:15-11:45, Seminarraum Mathematik 1 ( Hilbert ), building 64, 3rd floor. 

Übung: Mittwochs, 10:15-11:45, Seminarraum Informatik 4 ( Minsky ), building 64, basement.

Lehrinhalte / TOC

During the summer semester Prof. Dr. Elmar Rueckert is teaching the course Humanoid Robotics (RO5300). In this course he will discuss the key components of one of the most complex autonomous systems. 

These topics are

  1. Kinematics, Dynamics & Locomotion
  2. Representations of Skills & Imitation Learning
  3. Feedback Control, Priorities & Torque Control
  4. Reinforcement Learning & Policy Search
  5. Sensor Integration & Fusion
  6. Cognitive Reasoning & Planning

This course provides a unique overview over central topics in robotics. A particular focus is put in the dependencies and interaction among the components in the control loop. These interactions are discussed through in the context of state of the art methods including dynamical systems movement primitivesgradient based policy search methods or probabilisitic inference for planning algorithms

Qualifikationsziele / Objectives

The students will also experiment with state of the art machine learning methods and robotic simulation tools in accompanying exercises. Hands on tutorials on programming with Matlab, the robot middleware and interface ROS and the simulation tool V-Rep complement the course content.   

Vorlesung 2 SWS mit zugehöriger Übung 2 SWS, Schein, ECTS-Studium, ECTS-Credits: 6, Unterrichtssprache Englisch, Ansprechpartner für die Vorlesung: Prof. Dr. Elmar Rueckert ( und für die Übung: Nils Rottmann, M.Sc. ( 
Zeit und Ort siehe oben. Einführungsvorlesung und Vorbesprechung: 02.04.2018, 10:15 - 11:45 Uhr.


Credits: 6